Saturday, October 11, 2008

Reflections on Research Project

I must say that this research project has been a tough one so far. So far we had burned our previous weekend doing this project and even as I am typing my blog post now, we are still preparing the final draft of this research project. Overall, I have benefited greatly from doing this research project in ways which I did not anticipate.

My group members are from the Science faculty while I am from the Engineering faculty. Before we embarked on this project, I did not think that there would be any significant differences in the way we think since after all, we are around the same age and attend the same university. I found out that this is not that true after all. Perhaps due to my engineering education, I noticed that when we were writing the drafts of the report, I tend to focus on keeping things simple and doing things straight to the point. Moreover, I tend to emphasize on trying to do things efficiently in a systematic way. Thus I guess there were some minor differences when my group members have a different emphasis from mine in the sense that they were more meticulous about the details of this research project.

Overall, I begin to appreciate the the diverse viewpoints that each of us had and this helps to make our research report a more complete one. In a team, it is important to tap on the individual strengths of every group member.


Brad Blackstone said...

Thank you, Wei Kwan, for your honest reflection. I'm glad that, even with the differences between you guys, this team approach is proving effective and that it is a positive learning experience. (I'd like to know if the differences you mention are purely individual, and if not and they're more "faculty-wide," what creates such differences.)

For now I look forward to reading your report!

Pei Rong said...

hello wei kwan,

I can definitely relate to the differences in thinking among the group members. To be honest, it gets frustrating when you have to complete the draft in a very short time and yet the other members do not understand your point. I guess this situation is normal in all groups.

To add on, I often saw you and your group members laughing and getting along really well. we are stuck with the same group for at least 1 month, it is important to work very well with the members right? Also, with good relationship built up, it makes the job more easily done and everything goes smoothly.

Good job.

Oxy said...

Hello Wei Kwan,

I am from science and I am working with Yu Ming, who is also from engineering. I personally do not have problems understanding his views or working style. In fact, I often find his comments and ideas insightful (unless he is having problem working working with Weikin or me, which I failed to realize?=P).

Perhaps it is more of individual differences like what Brad said?

weiren said...

Dear fellow comrade in ES project!

I'm happy that we managed to work out most of our differences about how this project should have been done in the end.

I do not think it's a science thing, more of a "Weiren thing". I certainly do have certain expectation of how a decent report should look like and I always strive to work towards that ideal, even if it meant the unattainable. This is especially evident as we embarked on our line by line proofreading session!

I am glad you tolerated our meticulous methods during the project and walked with us right through the end, just like a real comrade in battle.

I look forward to working with you in our oral presentation.

Hui Xuan said...

Hey Wei Kwan,

I agree with OXY and Weiren, I think it is not a science thing. Weiren mention that it is a "Weiren thing". I would like to add on to this. It's also a "Hui Xuan thing".

I agree with Weiren. I also hope that our report can be as professional as possible. Thanks for being patient and understanding with us. (:

I look forward to working with you in the oral presentation too!

Wei Kwan said...

Dear Brad,

Thanks for your comment. I am elaborating more on the differences that I mentioned in the next blog post.

Wei Kwan said...

Hi Pei Rong

It is indeed important to work well with the members. Sometimes, I think a good camaraderie shared between the group members can really help in getting things done faster. Moreover, it makes the process of doing the work much more enjoyable :)

Wei Kwan said...

Hi Oxy,

Actually I was thinking that perhaps it was due to individual differences initially. On further introspection, at least for me, I really think the education I had received can be a significant factor too.

I think I did not elaborate clearly :) These days, I am finding it hard to find the correct words to express myself :D I guess working style and views are due to each individual differences. It is more of how
we think and the process on how we analyze.

Wei Kwan said...

Hi Weiren and Huixuan,

Actually, I'm glad that you guys are so meticulous. This can only make our report better :)

You guys are probably the best group members I could have ever ask for. It is a pleasure to be working with you all and I have learned a lot of stuff from you all.

Let's aim to finish the report tomorrow :D

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